2. Tokyo Founding Chapter

Tokyo Founding Chapter

September Monthly Meeting

At the first monthly meeting of the new year, the new officers and Fair Chairperson were introduced following the president’s greeting. The Fair Chairperson, Mme. Nuning Wahyuniati AKHMADI, wife of the Indonesian Ambassador, gave a speech.

The program included an ikebana demonstration by Haruho Kamoshida, Assistant Professor of the Council of the Ohara Professors and live performances by Megumi Kaneko on piano and Hideki Tanabe on violin.

The first Ikebana work was “Moribana,” a unique flower shape created by Ohara School, and was decorated with southern plants such as taniwatari and strelitzia. The second one, “Heika,” featured warm-toned flowers arranged to overflow into a vertical glass vase. The third one was a large work with green, blue, and yellow flowers on a horizontal axis of bleached kouten mulberry.

After the demonstration, the audience was treated to a performance of five songs, including Elgar’s Love Greetings and Faure’s Lullaby, on a stage beautifully decorated with ikebana works. It was like an oasis in the midst of the lingering summer heat.

Tokyo Founding Chapter