Silver Lining

Nobuko Usui
Chair, 13th World Convention Start-Up Committee

In April 2022, the International Board of Directors established the 13th World Convention Start-Up Committee, an experts committee, which I have been asked to chair.

At this writing, travel in Japan is still restricted but Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is recommending a gradual ease of pandemic restrictions starting June 2022. Another encouraging sign is that, after almost three years of shutdown, most ikebana schools and ikebana associations have returned to holding public exhibitions and demonstrations.

Now, as we begin the daunting task of assembling our next 13th World Convention, I would love to have YOUR opinions, suggestions and support – in other words, your voices, as many as possible – to be an integral part of formulating the Ikebana International 13th World Convention. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you!