12th World Convention has been canceled

With great sadness I am informing you that the 12th World Convention has been canceled because of the pandemic situation. This hard decision was made to avoid a huge financial risk to our organization as well as the danger of spreading the virus among convention participants.

At the end of last year, it looked as if the situation would normalize after two difficult years, however the world was hit with the next pandemic wave. And, at this point, no one can guarantee that year 2023 will be free of pandemic or that tourist traffic will return to normal.

The complete cancellation of the 12th World Convention will allow us to begin anew to plan the 13th World Convention. Thus and however reluctantly, Ikebana International assures all members that the world convention will be held as soon as safety can be ensured. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Wienczyslawa Sato
12th World Convention Chairperson


I would like to confirm that the Ikebana International 12th World Convention has been rescheduled from May 1st to May 4th, 2023 at the New Otani Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. This landmark venue offers a serene and restful ambience for the convention, while being located in the center of metropolis.

Our goal is to organize a safe and satisfying convention for all participants. Needless to say, the battle against the corona virus pandemic has been a challenge as we attempt to organize a convention on an international scale, and we find ourselves having to adapt to new circumstances and requirements. As a result, there will be several changes compared to previous world conventions and we hope those innovations will meet your needs and expectations.
The theme of the Ikebana International 12th World Convention is:

Honor the Past
Exhilarate the Future

We arrange ikebana now, while our thoughts and outlook naturally engage with what has gone before, and we may also wish to open our creative impulses to reach into the future. Artistic creation is never easy and there is nothing more rewarding.

Ikebana itself may serve as a bridge to the future, a bridge between mankind and nature, a source of understanding and power. It is an oft-repeated truth that ikebana is an affirmation of life; for the serious, committed ikebanist, negative emotions simply have no place. The flowers themselves are a focus, a source of calm, inner energy, and insight.

Ikebana is not only a technique of arranging flowers in a pleasant or artistic way but, like all art, it is a powerful medium of communication. Ikebana broadcasts our inner life to the world. Through the medium of ikebana, we are able to influence the world around us, starting with ourselves. The positive energy intrinsic to this art form has a deep effect; it touches minds and hearts, and, perhaps, touches events. It is a medium of peace and understanding. Ikebana brings us closer the beauty of our planet and planet’s beauty closer to us.

The theme color is yellow, signifying the sun, which stimulates all life on our planet.

As a logo, the green Ginkgo biloba tree leaf was chosen. The leaf is the official logo of Tokyo, and the ginkgo is the oldest living tree on earth. The ginkgo species is found in fossils dating back some 250 million years. Today’s Ginkgo biloba tree is the only remaining member of the species, with some living specimens claiming to be more than 2,500 years old. The ginkgo’s medical virtues were discovered in China during the 16th century. The tree’s longevity represents the wish that I.I. will prosper for many years in health and includes the wishes for a long and healthy life for everyone.

The longevity of the tree and its properties represent wishes for a long and healthy life for everyone.

We hope that you will be able to fully enjoy the rescheduled Ikebana International World Convention in May 2023. The physical experiences—the delicate scents of flowers and plants; the textures of the plants in our hands; the sound of the snippers that make our arrangements real; the companionship of water, our friend in art—are all integral aspects of presenting and creating ikebana. This ambience we can only experience in real life.

We wish you good health and the ability to achieve real happiness to live comfortably. And we hope and look forward to seeing you all at the 12th World Convention.

Thank you for your continuous and dedicated support and participation.

Wienczyslawa Sato
Ikebana International
World Convention Chairperson