2. Hiroshima Chapter #261

Hiroshima Chapter #261

During the continuous coronavirus outbreak that has caused the cancellation of many events, “Flowers Across the Borders Exhibition 2022” was held on the Instagram on August 6th, 2022.

77 years have passed from the Atomic-bomb attack, and it was the nineteenth year since this event has been held. It originally started in 2003 by florists, flower designers and ikebana artists and had been held since then. Every year we spent the day praying peacefully near Hiroshima Peace Memorial and exhibited flower works, which had been selected publicly, on the theme, wishing for world peace. Though the style of the exhibition changed and simplified, we were grateful for kind support to continue the event despite the coronavirus pandemic.
Under this circumstance, about 40 beautiful ikebana works were posted on the Instagram with the function of a hash tag #国境の無い花たち展2022.

We were grateful for many people viewed the posts of beautiful flower works. We hope that more members attend the Instagram flower exhibition next year wishing the spread of Coronavirus infections will settle down soon and come back more peaceful world.

Hiroshima Chapter #261