2. Kobe Chapter #181

Kobe Chapter #181

On November 11, the Kobe Chapter held its regular meeting and experienced the demonstration of Mr. Kenichiro Kuwahara, the Iemoto designate of Kuwahara Senkei-ryu with lunch.

We had many guests including Mr. Senkei Kuwahara, 15th Iemoto of the Kuwahara Senkei-ryu, and Ms. Nobuko Sakata, President of I.I. from Tokyo.

Mr. Kenichiro loves to talk with people. He started with his memories of Yumiko Nakamura of our chapter and then talked about his own personal preferences, such as his choice of Eddie Higgins as the background music. With the young sensibility of the 26 years old, he has a new way of thinking about ikebana and his demonstration of a new form of ikebana did not make us feel stiff.

He arranged five ikebana works in beautiful vessels that he had chosen at home. It seemed very rare to see hinoki fan ikebana at this time of the year. The works were finished in no time at all.

The final product was a large work made with the participation of 15 members, and it spread out like an autumn field.

Even those who participated from overseas got to know each other and it was fun to watch they became very chatty.

We will meet next time on the New Year’s party.

Kobe Chapter #181