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Greetings from Seoul Prospective Chapter #268

Dear members of Ikebana International,

I am Eunsook Jeong, appointed as the President of Seoul Prospective Chapter send all the members a warm greeting.

In spite of many shortcomings, the establishment of Seoul Prospective Chapter was a great honor and happiness.
I would like to express my greatest appreciation for the support and cooperation from the headquarters executives, teachers, and colleagues.

The world is now facing many difficulties under severe conditions due to Covid 19.
We hope to share smiles and happiness through the power and the beauty of nature and flowers by spreading the culture of Ikebana as all the members have done so far.

Ikebana Exhibition is scheduled to be held on November 18 and 19, 2021 to commemorate the establishment of Seoul Prospective Chapter.
Not being able to have you here in Seoul under this condition, the atmosphere of the exhibition will be shared via SNS.
Your warm support and interest will be appreciated.

Highly hope these pandemic days will settle down and be able to meet you!
Good health and happiness to all of you.
Thank you, Kamsahamnida.

Eunsook Jeong


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