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Great Success! Online New Year Gathering

Midori Murayama, International Second Vice-President and Chairperson of NYG

Headquarters held the first “Online New Year Gathering” via YouTube Live and Zoom on February 5, 2021. Honorary President of Ikebana International, Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado honored us by sending her New Year greetings. Also we very much appreciate the contribution of Ikebana International Supreme Advisers; 45th Headmaster of Ikenobo Sen’ei Ikenobo, Headmaster of Ohara School Hiroki Ohara, Iemoto of Sogetsu School Akane Teshigahara, Headmistress of Chiko School Kosen Naruse, Headmaster of Ichiyo School of Ikebana Naohiro Kasuya, Iemoto of Misho-Ryu Keiho Hihara, Headmaster of Ryuseiha Kashu Yoshimura, Head Teacher of Saga Goryu Mika Tsujii, and Headmistress of Shinpa Seizan School Kogetsu Kamijo

This big event consisted of three parts: HIH Princess Takamado‘s New Year Greetings, Iemotos’ messages and ikebana arrangements to celebrate the New Year and a slideshow of photos of chapter activities from 98 chapters in the world.

We discussed long and hard about how and at what time to distribute this program so it could be viewed by as many members as possible across the world. We finally decided to use both Zoom and YouTube Live and YouTube was released for 24 hours. During the preparation work, we received a lot of encouragement and messages “looking forward to it!” from many chapters.

We received many chat messages on YouTube Live and Zoom and we were happy to hear live reaction from members. We felt that we were able to become one with I.I. members in the world through ikebana. It is really Friendship through Flowers! We were moved to be able to share such a good time with you via online communication in the difficult social situation due to COVID-19.

On behalf of HQ, I would like to express our deepest gratitude and emotion to everyone and chapters for your cooperation. Thank you very much❣

DVD of the Online New Year Gathering 2021 

We received requests from members that they wanted to see the program again or share the program with other members.
Responding to their requests, HQs decided to make the DVD of the New Year Gathering and sell it to members as a part of our fundraising activities.
We would appreciate it very much if you could purchase a DVD and we are sure that your purchase will make a difference to our future activities.
For detailed information, please log in to “Members’ Only.”


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